About us



YourGlobalPro.com is an online marketplace created to connect you to the right professionals in about 65 countries today. It covers business services such as corporate and legal compliance, tax advice, accounting, auditing and similar services required to establish a new business or maintain ongoing entities.


It is a challenge to find the right professional in a new territory. YourGlobalPro understands the need for a trusted professional and connects you with the right one. You have the flexibility to choose from multiple options and take the decision based on your specific needs.

Selection Process

Each professional listed goes through validation and interview process before they are on board. They are reviewed not only at the admission process but on an ongoing basis on various parameters. We have an internal rating system to measure their performance and service quality.

How We Started?

The promoters of YourGlobalPro have been both – providers as well as users of cross-border services. Many of our customers had challenges connecting to the right and trusted professional overseas, thus YourGlobalPro.com was conceived to address this pain point.


Businesses across the world are going global. We have the experience and expertise, to facilitate companies, enter new geographies.

Piyush Bhandari
Piyush is a qualified Chartered Accountant, an entrepreneur by choice and an avid tech enthusiast. He graduated with distinction from Loyola College and then completed Masters in Commerce from Madras University. He worked with the Sanmar Engineering Corporation from 2003 to 2006 and had played a key role in strategic initiatives of the group including mergers and acquisitions. In 2007, he started his entrepreneurial journey by establishing IMC (Intuit Management Consultancy) Group which specializes in cross border advisory services focusing on the Asia, Middle East and Africa region. IMC have advised several mid to large enterprises which include many of the Fortune 500 companies. Piyush serves on the board of the CPAAI International which is the fourth largest independent accounting network in the world.

Director – Marketing
Priyanka has completed Masters in Communication with a Graduate degree in Commerce. She has experience in working with clients from across industries around the world.

Johnson K. Rajan
Chief Executive Officer
Johnson K. Rajan, based in Dubai, is a Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner with the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, United Kingdom and an MBA with over 15 years of experience.

M. Venkatachalam
Chief Operating Officer
Venkatachalam has over 18 years of work experience and 18 years of business experience. He was instrumental in setting up websites for Online Live Teaching, Building Materials and English Poetry. He has handled marketing, advertising and planning functions. He was the head of a not-for-profit foundation focusing on Service Excellence. He has MBA (IIM) and B.Tech. (IIT) qualifications.