FAQ - Customers

A:You can send in your queries by clicking on HELP button in the site and we will reply.

A:You will get two quotations.

A:It will take 5 business days.

A:You have a maximum of 30 calendar days to decide.

A:The quotation will expire. It will be no more valid.

A:It is up to you to choose one or reject both.

A:You can take the Premium Service costing USD 250, where you will get additional three quotations apart from the benefits mentioned in this Portal.

A: Yes. Only on receipt of 100% quotation value, the Professional will be allotted the job.

A: The Portal will follow-up with the Professional.

A: An estimate based on the latest fee will be indicated to you. However, variations, if any, will be charged to you on actuals.

A: You can contact the Portal and they will do the requisite follow-up with the Professional.

A: You can post it in the Job Dashboard and it will be answered.

A: Whenever there is an update on the Job in the Dashboard, you will also get an e-mail alert and information.

A: You can inform the Portal by mail as well as in the Dashboard and they will try to address the issues raised.

A: Payment to the Professional will be made by the Portal?

A: The Invoice will be generated by the Professional and posted in the Dashboard for you to download.