FAQ - Professionals

A: Click on Sign-up (Professional) in the Homepage and fill the requested details.

A: No. Only who fulfill the criteria of Professional Competence, Experience and Market Standing will qualify.

A: Yes. You should submit your Company Registration as well as Registration with your Professional Body. Educational Qualification Certificates of the Partners / Professionals are required.

A: You will start getting enquiries from your geography for the Services you offer.

A: You can write to support@yourglobalpro.com

A: The Customer chooses the Professional based on the Quotation, Profile, Experience, Cost, Delivery Time and other factors.

A: Customer pays the agreed amount to YourGlobalPro before starting the Job. The amount will be as given in the Quotation of the selected Professional. YourGlobalPro pays the Professional in advance.

A: These will be sent directly by the Customer to the Professional after the Job is allotted.

A: Yes. It will be as per the Quotation. In case, the Govt. Fee has changed after the quotation was submitted, then it can be collected based on the actuals.

A: Professionals get Quotation requests regularly. Preliminary screening of the Customer is done by YourGlobalPro. Less financial risk in cross-border transactions as YourGlobalPro brings its expertise and experience to the transaction.

A: Yes. A Professional need not quote for a particular job, if he / she does not want to quote.