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Register as a Professional

The Professional needs to register with the portal. The team will review the application of the Professional along with the documents submitted and accordingly approve the application based on its evaluation process.

Quotation Request Sent

When a Quotation Request is Posted by a Customer, it is matched with the Professionals based on their Service offering as well as geographic coverage and the request is sent to the appropriate Professionals.

Professional Quotes

The Professionals are expected to send their competitive quotes within the specified time. The quotations are shared with the Customer through email and their Dashboard. Multiple quotations will be sent to the Customer.

Customer chooses the Professional

Customer reviews the quotations received and selects a Professional that suits their requirement to execute the job. In case clarifications are required, it can be sent to portal Admin and they will be answered through email. Customer pays portal which is in turn shared with the Professional as agreed.

Job Executed by the Professional

The selected Professional executes the job. The Portal will supervise the execution of the job. In the case of Premium Plan, the Portal will set-up milestones and do project follow-up on behalf of the Customer. The Job will be completed by the Professional in the agreed time. The Portal will ask for the Customer’s evaluation of the Professional which will be used for quality improvement purposes.