Business Document Retrieval

YourGlobalPro assists in the retrieval of corporate documents supporting the legality of your business. We offer steadfast and prompt document retrieval services for all the documents that has been filed with the state, county, or city office. The extensive knowledge and industry experience of our professional helps in understanding the specific needs of the client for each document retrieval order and then process the order of faster retrieval and accurate results.

We assist in the retrieval of documents like:

  • Certificate of Good Standing :
    A recognition awarded to business stating that it has met all the Statutory requirements accurately in respect of financial year closings, foreign mergers and returns filed.
  • Tax Status Certificates:
    The document certifying that the business is compliant with all the tax proceeding or tax filings.
  • Certified Copies:
    The doocument that helps in retracing steps in the minutes of the AGM held by the corporation & to cross verify the evidence that the copy and original match are the same.
  • Formation documents:
    The Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association and other certificates that were used in the formation of the company.
  • Bring downs :
    The verbal confirmation or online research reflecting the business position on that particular day.

Why YourGlobalPro?

We have a worldwide team of experts at YourGlobalPro, that assist the clients in document retrieval as and when required, irrespective of the country the client is based

The advantages of using YourGlobalPro document retrieval services are:

  • Access to locally based experts and their expertise,
  • Lesser operational cost
  • A genuinely satisfying service.

Get in touch with the YourGlobalPro team today for expert document retrieval services.