Poland has been an EU Member State since 2004, Polish Citizenship therefore, is an EU citizenship, bearing all rights and benefits.

Polish Citizenship by descent, will ensue:

The Polish born applicant or his descendants may apply for citizenship, even if the applicant, from which the right derives is no longer inter vivos.

The Criteria for entitlement or restitution of Polish citizenship are as follows:

  • The Polish born Applicant (even if no longer inter vivos), was aged between 18 and 50 (eligible for Polish military service), at the time when he was granted a second citizenship.
  • The Applicant did not serve in a foreign military force before January 1951.
  • Documents proving the entitlement are presented to the Polish Authorities (Archive searches often reveal such required documentation).
  • The Applicant never officially waived his Polish citizenship (for applicants who received a second citizenship after January 1951). This hurdle can often be overcome.