Secretarial Compliance

Your Global Pro offers secretarial compliance services to its clients in 60 countries. We ensure that your business is compliant with the existing legislation and bye laws of the particular country. Our experts are available globally and present their services in the client’s location.

Secretarial Compliance is essential for the company to continue its business in a particular state or country. Clients can outsource secretarial services to us to obtain maximum efficacy in the statutory requirements.

The company secretary holds a precarious position in the business. When the clients outsource their secretarial services, our experts are responsible for the regulatory filing and secretarial compliance of the enterprise. They provide guidelines and advice on the Company Act rules; it is regulations and accounting methods. They also organize the Annual General Meeting and draft its minutes.

At YourGlobalPro, our team of qualified company secretaries takes care of these functions very efficiently and effortlessly, thereby making more time for you to concentrate on other areas of business.

The secretarial services offered by our professionals are:

  • Maintaining statutory records,
  • Filing of Annual General return,
  • Ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory rules,
  • Preparing minutes of Annual General Meeting and another meeting with shareholders, directors and committee members,
  • Apprise all departments on upcoming legal, tax and accounting deadlines,
  • Preparing corporate report on the activities and compliance details of the company
  • Ensure the corporate health of the company
  • Ensure the company is existent with the local bye laws and compliant with the country’s Company Act,
  • Manage various entities with a single point of contact,
  • Liaise between financial companies and the firm,
  • Function as the point of contact between different regulatory authorities and the business,
  • Ensure the compliance of the company’s Memorandum of Articles and its boundaries.

Why YourGlobalPro?

YourGlobalPro has a vast network of professionals who have years of expertise in the field of secretarial services

  • The clients get professional service at a lower cost,
  • Our professionals ensure the company’s compliance,
  • We have access to local experts who make the process hassle free.Come to YourGlobalPro for your secretarial compliance needs. We assure the best professional service to the client.