Trademark Registration

Every country has its own trademark registration rules and proceduresto apply for the trademark. Hence, at YourGlobalPro, we have a team of worldwide professionals experiened in intellecual property laws, who will assist your company in your application for the trademark registration.

Why do you need trademark registration?

  • It will provide distingushed identity, name and logo to your business that no one else can use.
  • You get the unique exclusive ownership of your brand.
  • Ensures that there is no infringement of other trandemark by your brand or logo.
  • Provides all the legal rights to your brand and logo and refrain anyone from using the same branding as yours.
  • Provides you with the rights to take necessary legal actions in case anyone infringe your trademark rights.

Process followed at YourGlobalPro for trademark registration:

    Our professionals do an initial search to ascertain whether the trademark required by the client is available.

  • If not, our experts will suggest the next possible course of alternatives to the customer.
  • Our experts will then prepare the necessary documents in support of the trademark application.
  • When the trademark is approved, the client will be notified.
  • Our experts keep themselves updated with the new rules for trademark registration.
  • We inform the client if their trademark is due for renewal.

For our professionals to act as your representative while applying for the trademark, a signed letter of approving our professional is to be submitted to the authority.

There are 45 different sections of trademark available, and they are called “class.” Every “class” has its type of products. We also assist our clients in ascertaining that under which class their product falls and help the client in getting trademark registered under the correct “class” as per their requirements.

It usually takes 18 to 24 months to get your trademark regstered and we keep out clients posted about the status of their application all through the wait time.