VAT Reclaim

Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services that can add between 5 – 27% of your organization’s foreign business expenses. Most of the businesses who have their large offices worldwide struggle to reclaim VAT for their purchases and from the other expenditure they undertake in the course of business.

Professionals at YourGlobalPro are experts in the field of VAT recovery and we assist the client in the recovery of VAT as much as possible as per the VAT laws of the respective country.

We at YourGlobalPro help the businesses in claiming their VAT refund without any hassles and massive amount of paperwork submission.

VAT claims can be challenging and it may require a vast amount of resources and time to answer every query of the Tax Department. Also, the VAT laws are continuously evolving with the rules and regulations being frequently updated.

The VAT recovery experts at YourGlobalPro are updated with all the latest VAT refund rules and provide the best service and transparency in this field to reclaim your VAT effortlessly.

How the VAT refund process works at YourGlobalPro?

Our expert team at YourGlobalPro:

  • Gather all the data and information that is required for initiating the VAT refund procedure and determine the total amount of VAT paid as per the foreign invoices.
  • Audit the gathered data to assess the amount of VAT that can be reclaimed. We help our clients to reclaim as much amount as possible as per the provisions of the law.
  • Initiate the request for VAT refund with the designated Tax authority and get your VAT refund.

International Vat refund services provided by YourGlobalPro have many benefits:

  • Helps in retrieving maximum VAT refund at minimum costs.
  • No need to hire dedicated internal employee for this task.
  • Complete support during the entire process.
  • Transparent and accurate processes.