Terms of Use

1. General

In terms of Information Technology statutes, this document is an electronic record. Being generated by a computer system it does not require any physical or digital signatures.

This document is published in accordance with the provisions of Information Technology regulations that require publishing the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer for access or usage of:

  • The website www.yourglobalpro.com (hereinafter referred to as “Portal”), owned by Intuit Management Consultancy (hereinafter referred to as IMC), having it’s office at #M02, NBQ Building, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, Bur Dubai, United Arab Emirates, represented by its Director, where such expression shall, unless repugnant to the context thereof, be deemed to include its respective legal heirs, representatives, administrators, permitted successors and assigns;
  • “You” or “User” shall mean any natural or legal person who has agreed to become a user of the Portal signing up to the Website. The Portal also provides certain services without registration/acceptance, and such provision of services does not absolve You of this contractual relationship.
  • You must read, agree with and accept all of the Terms of Use contained in this Agreement in order to use our website located at www.yourglobalpro.com (the “Website”) and related software and services.
  • By using the Website, You accept and agree to be bound by this Agreement, the Privacy Policy, as well as rules, guidelines, policies, terms and conditions applicable to any service that is provided by this Website, that shall be deemed to be incorporated into this Terms of Use and shall be considered as part and parcel of this Terms of Use.
  • Your use of this Website is evidence that You have read and agreed to be contractually bound by these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. Please read them carefully. The use of this Website by You is governed by this policy and any policy so mentioned by terms of reference. If you do not agree with any of these terms, please discontinue using the Website.
  • We hold the sole right to modify the Terms of Use without prior permission from You or providing notice to You. The relationship creates on You a duty to periodically check the Terms of Use and stay updated on its requirements. If You continue to use the Website or avail any of its services without registration following such change, this is deemed as consent by You to the so amended policies. Your continued use of the Website is conditioned upon your compliance with the Terms of Use, including but not limited to compliance with the Terms of Use even after alterations, if any.
2. Definitions
  • “We”, “Us”, “Our” shall mean the company ‘IMC’. The provider of www.yourglobalpro.com is IMC.
  • “Agreement” shall mean and refer to this Terms of Use, including any amendments that may be incorporated into it.
  • “You” or “User” shall mean any natural or legal person who has agreed to become a user of the Portal signing up to the Website. The Portal also provides certain services without registration/acceptance, and such provision of services does not absolve You of this contractual relationship.
  • “Portal” shall mean the website www.yourglobalpro.com
  • “Platform Services” shall mean and refer to the services offered on the Portal including but not limited to offering financial, marketing and networking services.
  • “Platform Fee” means the facilitation fee that is collected by the Portal which is a based on the plans chosen by the customer.
  • “Professional” means the CPA or Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary or Lawyer or a Professional under any other nomenclature registered as a Professional and who provides the Services through this Website.
  • “Professional Fees” means a fee agreed between a Customer and a Professional, prior to the commencement of a Contract, for the completion of all Services requested by Customer for such Contract and any bonuses paid or other payments made by a Customer for a Contract. The portal will not in any which way be a party to the agreement entered between the Customer and the Professional.
  • “Customer” shall mean any User who shall utilize the platform to request for services to be performed or products to be delivered by any Professional with or without registration.
  • “Contract” means a particular project or set of ongoing tasks for which a Customer has requested Services to be performed by a Professional and the Professional has agreed on the platform.
  • “Third Party” shall mean and refer to any individual(s), enterprise or entity, apart from the Users and IMC.
  • The terms “Party” & “Parties” shall respectively be used to refer to the User and the Company individually and collectively, as the context so requires.
  • “Visitor” shall mean a User who visits the Website to check the Services provided by the Website.

The headings of each section in this Agreement are only for the purpose of organising the various provisions under this Agreement in an orderly manner. These headings shall not be used by either party to interpret the provisions contained under them in any manner. Further, the headings have no legal or contractual value.

3. Portal
  • The Portal is an online market place platform that enables businesses to connect with Professionals of their choosing within our network based on their service requirements and provides tools to facilitate that interaction. The Portal provides neither professional/legal services nor professional/lawyer referral service. No Professional-Client relationship is ever created between You and Portal.
  • The Portal is not a professional services or a law firm. While certain members of our staff are professionals and lawyers, they are not practicing law and cannot render any professional or legal services to you. The Professionals are not employees, consultants or agents of Portal.
  • The Portal will never provide any professional/legal analysis or assessment of the requests.
  • You acknowledge and agree that the Portal does not select, endorse or recommend any professional.

By clicking on the “ACCEPT” button or accessing the Portal otherwise, the Customers, Professionals and other Visitors to the Portal agree that they consent to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer listed in the Portal.

The Platform Services are governed by the Terms of Use. Customers, Professionals and Visitors should read this and agree to them before choosing to engage this Portal for their service requirements. Professionals may be additionally be governed by other terms.

Basics of the Platform

In connection with using the Portal you understand that:

  • When registering for the Services, you will provide to us your basic contact information (including name, address, email address, phone number). Upon requesting professional service or advice, you will answer some short questions about the general topical category of your requirements. You will also provide us with a brief description of the type of professional advice you are seeking.
  • If we are able to provide you with Services, we will give you a list, based solely on the information you provide us, of Professionals, screened by us, who may be able to provide you with the professional service or advice. Ultimately, you are responsible for choosing your own Professional, whether through the Portal or elsewhere. If you hire any Professional who appears on a list sent to you by the Portal within five (5) years of the date the list is sent, you must hire that Professional through the Portal, unless if you had previously been introduced to that Professional outside of the Platform.
  • In order to allow us to assist you most efficiently, you agree to respond to all inquiries from us promptly.
  • We may offer a variety of programs to connect you with Professional to meet your professional services needs. The terms of these programs will be described on the Portal and any such terms or policies that apply to such programs are incorporated into these Terms of Use. If you sign-up for such a program, you agree to abide by any terms, conditions and policies that may apply to such program.
  • We may not be able to provide the Platform Services for every matter. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, not to provide Platform Services for any specific matter.
  • You will make any and all payments for Platform Services through the Portal.
  • The User represents and warrants that he/she is competent and eligible to enter into legally binding agreements and that he/she has the requisite authority to bind himself/herself to these Terms of Use. The User may not use the Portal if the he/she is not competent to contract or is disqualified from doing so by any other applicable law, rule or regulation currently in force. By clicking on the “ACCEPT” button or accessing the Portal otherwise, the Visitor confirms that he / she is above 21 years of age and is fully authorized to enter into this Agreement with the Portal.
4. Content

All information provided by Customers and Professionals are self-declared and not verified by Portal. Any and all information posted by any Customer or Professional including but not limited to their job title, company name, work profile, photos and videos. The Portal has the right to use this Content for promotions or marketing purposes.

The Portal allows users to contribute different kinds of Content, including reviews, photos and videos. You alone are responsible for Your Content posted on the Website. The User’s contributions to the Website should be unbiased and objective. The Portal does not and cannot review all communications or content uploaded and is not responsible for the content, quality, or consequences of your uploading such communications or content. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Portal shall delete/remove/modify/block the content/reviews if, the reviewer attempts to use any improper/indecent/abusive language or tries to defame any Professional for private/personal/professional reasons.

The Customer(s) and/or the Professionals(s) acknowledges and agrees that the Portal may use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display any or all information of Customer obtained through the Portal to create marketing materials (collectively, “Content”), in whole or in part, in any manner or media as the Portal deems fit. Content related to business photos and videos should be broadly relevant to the business.

The Portal reserves the right to delete, remove, modify, refuse to accept or edit any communication or Content that it may determine, in its sole discretion, violates or may violate this Terms of Use, the intellectual or proprietary rights of others, any of its policies or is otherwise unacceptable in its discretion, and you hereby agree to forfeit any fees payable in respect of such Content to the Portal or as it may direct.

5. Registration


  • To sign up for the Platform Services, you must register for an account on the Portal (an “Account”). You must provide accurate and complete information and keep your Account information updated. You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your Account, and for keeping your Account Password secure. You may never use another entity’s User Account or registration information for the Platform Services without permission.
  • You must notify us immediately of any change in your eligibility to use the Platform Services, breach of security or unauthorized use of your Account. You should never publish, distribute or post login information of your Account. You shall have the ability to delete your Account, either directly or through a request made to one of our employees or affiliates.


  • The Professional requires registration to provide services on the portal. The Portal will review the application of the Professional. The Portal shall approve the Professional after basic scrutiny of the information and documents submitted. The Portal, however, does not guarantee the authenticity of the claim of the work, though Professionals are carefully selected and approved.
  • The Professionals are required to provide the name of the person uploading the profile, company name, designation, office address, services being offered and the category of services and upload the company’s logo for registration. The submission of this information does not guarantee automatic approval of the application as each application is subject to review and approval.
  • All information provided by the Professionals must be true, accurate and complete. The Portal reserves the right (but has no obligation) to verify any and all information provided. By registering on the Portal, the Professional is attesting that he/she/it has the skills and ability to perform the requested Services by the deadline stated in the job posting or agreed upon.

The User is solely responsible for ensuring and maintaining the secrecy and security of his/her Portal account password. The User agrees not to disclose this password to any third party and shall be solely responsible for any use of or action taken through the use of such password on the Portal.

6. How it works

The Customer can post his enquiry on the Portal and can select a suitable plan based on their requirements. Once the payment towards the Platform Fees is done, the Portal will send the enquiry to the Professionals. The Professionals will start responding to the Customer. A short profile of the Professional will be shared with the Customer along with the quotation. Once the Professional is selected and the payment of the Professional Fees is completed in full, the complete contact details are shared and the professional engagement is complete. The Portal only plays a role in the support and coordination of the engagement. In any scenario, it is does not take any responsibility of delivery or provide professional advice in any manner.

7. Term

These Terms shall continue to form a valid and binding contract between the Parties, and shall continue to be in full force and effect until the User continues to access and use the Portal.

8. Termination
  • If you wish to terminate your Account, you may do so at any time by following the instructions given on the Portal.
  • We may terminate your access to all or any part of the Platform Services at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately, which may result in the forfeiture and destruction of all information associated with your account.
  • Any fees paid hereunder are non-refundable. You remain obligated to pay any fees due but not yet paid at the time of termination.
9. Communications

By using the Portal, it is deemed that You have consented to receiving telephonic/skype calls, SMSs and/or emails from the Portal at any time it deems fit. The Portal shall reach out to communicate with you and enhance your experience. We shall also inform you about the new services offered by us. Such communications shall be sent to You on the telephone number and/or email id provided by You for the use of the Portal which are subject to our Privacy Policy. These communications include, but are not limited to contacting you through information received from Third Parties. Such communications by us is for purposes that inter alia include clarification calls, marketing calls and promotional calls.

You may also be contacted by third parties with whom we have entered into a contract in furtherance of our rights, duties and obligations under this document and other policies followed by us and with whom you have become acquainted through the Portal.

The sharing of the information provided shall be governed by our Privacy Policy.

10. Charges

Facilitation Fees

  • Customers will have to pay a fee depending on the plan chosen at the time of posting. The Portal will act on it only after the Fee is paid. The Portal will provide quotations indicating the Fee payable for the assignment.

Professional Fees

  • The Customer has to make the full payment to the Professional and only after that Job will be initiated. However, with respect to Fee paid to Government Agencies, they will be collected on actuals and there are possibilities of variation between the estimate and actual. You understand that use of the Services may result in charges to you for the Platform Services you receive from a Professional. The Portal will facilitate your payment of the applicable Professional Fees to the Professional, as such the Professional’s limited payment collection agent. Payment of the Charges in such manner shall be considered the same as payment made directly by you to the Professional. Professional Fees will be inclusive of applicable taxes where required by law. Professional Fees paid by you are final and non- refundable, unless otherwise determined by the Portal.
  • The Portal reserves the right to amend the fee policy and charge for all the services. In the event of such change in policy, Users shall be intimated of the same via email/telephone and such change shall be effective as soon as Users have been intimated or available on the Portal.
11. Mode of Payment

To process any financial transactions on the Website, the Portal will use third-party electronic payment processors or service providers (ESPs). You agree to the terms and conditions of use of each appropriate ESP. In the event of conflict between these Agreements and the ESP’s terms and conditions, these Agreements shall prevail.

As prescribed by the financial institutions issuing the credit or debit cards affiliated with Visa / Master Card / Amex, the User will be required to submit his/her 16-digit card number, card expiry date and 3-digit CVV number (usually on the reverse of the card) while making an online transaction. The User must also have enrolled his/her card with VBV (Verified by Visa) or MSC (MasterCard Secure Code) in order to complete the transaction. The User is hereby expressly made aware that his/her card statements will reflect that a payment has been made in favour of the Portal.

The User is further aware that in case of third party statements, including bank and credit card statements, the merchant name may appear in an abbreviated format, and the Company has no control over the same.

12. Payment Terms

Each User understands and agrees that:

Facilitation Fees (due to the Portal)

  • There will be a Facilitation Fee, which the Customer is required to pay at the time of posting a service request.
  • The Portal shall collect the Facilitation Fee based on the Plan selected.

Professional Fees (due to the Professional)

  • Once a Customer chooses one of the Professionals in order to avail his services, and then they shall make full payment for the contract value indicated in the chosen quotation.
  • The job will be initiated only after receipt of the full fees due to the Professional.
  • Professional will make the Invoice for the Service directly on the Customer and upload it in the Portal. The Customer can download the Invoice from the Portal using their Username and Password.
  • Whenever Government Fees is remitted to a Government Body, it cannot be refunded in any case, even if the service or application for such a service is rejected by the agency.
  • In cases where a Professional has filed an application to a Government Department for a particular service and it is rejected by the Government Department, then the Service would deemed to have been rendered and the Fee paid to the Portal will not be refunded.
  • In cases where a Professional could not render the Service due to incomplete documentation from a Customer after fully paid engagement and if the Portal feels that the Service is only partially rendered, then the Portal will assess, decide and refund a certain percentage of the Engagement Fee. The Percentage decided by the Portal will be final and binding.
13. Security

IThe transactions on the Portal are secure and protected. Any information entered by the User when transacting on the Portal is encrypted to protect the User against unintentional disclosure to third parties. The User’s credit and debit card information is not received, stored by or retained by the Portal in any manner. This information is supplied by the User directly to the relevant Payment Gateway, which is authorized to handle the information provided, and is compliant with the regulations and requirements of various banks and institutions and payment franchisees that it is associated with.

14. User’s obligations

The User undertakes to fulfil the following obligations. Failure to satisfy any of these obligations gives the Portal the right to permanently suspend Your account and/or claim damages for any losses that accrue to the Portal or additional costs that may be imposed on us.

  • You hereby certify that you are at least 21 years of age;
  • You hereby agree to provide genuine credentials during the process of registration on the Portal. You shall not use a fictitious identity to register;
  • You agree not to publicise other User’s private information without their consent;
  • You agree to ensure the email address and mobile number provided in your account registration are valid at all times and shall keep your contact information accurate and up-to-date;
  • You agree that you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account password. You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account. We reserve the right to close your account at any time for any or no reason;
  • You agree to comply with all local laws and regulations governing the downloading, installation and/or use of the Portal, including, without limitation to, any usage rules set forth in this Agreement;
  • You agree that all service contracts between any Customer and Professional shall name the Portal as an express third party beneficiary under the Service Contract (but not as a party to that agreement);
  • You agree to make no representations or warranties or enter into any contracts on behalf of the Portal. Customer and Professional may agree to additional terms in their service contract materially different than the Standard Terms; however, nothing in such service contract will in any way limit or modify the Portal rights;
  • You recognize, acknowledge and agree that You are not an employee of the Portal and that the Portal does not, in any way, supervise, direct, or control Your work or Services.

You undertake not to:

  • Cut, copy, distribute, modify, recreate, reverse engineer, distribute, disseminate, post, publish or create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information or software obtained from the Portal. For the removal of doubt, it is clarified that unlimited or wholesale reproduction, copying of the Content for commercial or non-commercial purposes and unwarranted modification of data and information within the Content of the Website is not permitted. Should You want to engage in one or more such actions, prior permission from the Portal must be obtained;
  • Access (or attempt to access) the Portal and/or the materials or Services by any means other than through the interface that is provided by the Portal. The use of deep-link, robot, spider or other automatic device, program, algorithm or methodology, or any similar or equivalent manual process, to access, acquire, copy or monitor any portion of the Portal or Content, or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of the Portal, materials or any Content, to obtain or attempt to obtain any materials, documents or information through any means not specifically made available through the Portal is prohibited. You acknowledge and agree that by accessing or using the Portal, You may be exposed to Content from other Users or Third Parties that You may consider offensive, indecent or otherwise objectionable. We disclaim all liabilities arising in relation to such offensive Content on the Portal. Further, You may report such offensive Content;
  • To use the Portal in any manner that may impair, overburden, damage, disable or otherwise compromise (i) Company’s services; (ii) any other party’s use and enjoyment of the Company’s services; or (iii) the services and products of any Third Party (including, without limitation to, the Authorized Device);
  • Use the Services or Materials for any unlawful purposes or to conduct any unlawful activity, including, but not limited to, fraud, embezzlement, money laundering or identity theft;
  • Abuse, harass, threaten, defame, disillusion, erode, abrogate, demean or otherwise violate the legal rights of others;
  • Engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts access to the Portal or the Services (or the servers and networks which are connected to the Website);
  • Upload or distribute files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of the Portal;
  • Download any file posted in the Portal that you know, or reasonably should know, cannot be legally distributed in such manner;
  • Probe, scan or test the vulnerability of the Portal or any network, devises and software solutions to the Portal, nor breach the security or authentication measures on the Portal or any network, devises and software solutions connected to the Portal. You may not reverse look-up, trace or seek to trace any information on any other user, of or visitor to, the Portal, or exploit the Portal or Service or information made available or offered by or through the Portal, in any way whether or not the purpose is to reveal any information, including but not limited to personal identification information, other than Your own information, as provided for by the Portal;
  • Disrupt or interfere with the security of, or otherwise cause harm to, the Portal, systems resources, servers, software solutions or networks connected to or accessible through the Portal or any affiliated or linked Websites;
  • Use the Portal or any material or Content for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms of Use, or to solicit the performance of any illegal activity or other activity which infringes the rights of this Website or other Third Parties;
  • Violate any applicable laws or regulations for the time being in force within or outside your home country;
  • Violate any code of conduct or other guidelines, which may be applicable for or to any particular Service;
  • Threaten the unity, integrity, defense, security or sovereignty of your home country, friendly relations with foreign states, or public order or causes incitement to the commission of any cognizable offence or prevents investigation of any offence or is insulting any other nation;
  • Disseminate information through the Portal that is false, inaccurate or misleading or violate any applicable laws or regulations for the time being in force in or outside your home country.

The Professional is responsible for providing all tools and resources necessary to complete the service contract, unless explicitly stated in advance by the Customer. The Professional agrees to respond to all Customer communications and requests for information within reasonable time.

15. General

Confidential Information shall mean any information disclosed by the Customer on the Portal, related to the project. However, confidential information shall not include information that: (a) is now or subsequently becomes publicly known through no wrongful act or omission of the Professionals or anyone to whom it discloses such information; (b) the Professionals can demonstrate by its written records to have had rightfully in the Customers possession, free of restriction, prior to the date of this Agreement; (c) the Professionals can demonstrate by its written records to have obtained on or after the date of this Agreement, rightfully and free of restriction, from a third party who has the right to transfer or disclose it, provided that it was not acquired, directly or indirectly, from the Customer; (d) the Professionals can demonstrate by its written records to have been independently developed.

All Professionals using the Portal acknowledge that certain information disclosed by Customer may be confidential and, if so, must be protected. All Confidential Information and its embodiments and derivatives shall remain the sole and exclusive property of the Customer and no license or other right with respect to Confidential Information is granted or implied hereby.